Friday, 19 June 2015

colour your wardrobe!

So a few weeks back, I got an email from the gorgeous Myah (from MyahRebecca) with a super cute idea of a colourful clothing collaboration! She, myself and twelve other bloggers linked up in the aim of creating one mega, colourful, all-occassion wardrobe rainbow for you all!

We each got a colour - mine was green - to centre our outfits around, showing one or two different ways that soft and bold, common and uncommon, colours could be worn on every day and special occasions alike! Below are a few (admittedly pretty rookie) ideas as to how the colour greeeeeeeeeen can be weaved into your outfits for hit of spring all year round! Below are the links to all the other colourful bloggers and their own personal style tips! Be sure to check them out, and just keep in mind when you next go for a clothing haul - a little colour and creativity certainly doesn't hurt!

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