Friday, 19 June 2015

colour your wardrobe!

So a few weeks back, I got an email from the gorgeous Myah (from MyahRebecca) with a super cute idea of a colourful clothing collaboration! She, myself and twelve other bloggers linked up in the aim of creating one mega, colourful, all-occassion wardrobe rainbow for you all!

We each got a colour - mine was green - to centre our outfits around, showing one or two different ways that soft and bold, common and uncommon, colours could be worn on every day and special occasions alike! Below are a few (admittedly pretty rookie) ideas as to how the colour greeeeeeeeeen can be weaved into your outfits for hit of spring all year round! Below are the links to all the other colourful bloggers and their own personal style tips! Be sure to check them out, and just keep in mind when you next go for a clothing haul - a little colour and creativity certainly doesn't hurt!

This skirt many of you will know, I wore to my year twelve formal (thats senior prom, to you americans..!) with a white lace crop. I did have the impression sadly that it would be the kind of skirt I wouldn't really be able to wear again - wrong! I'm by no means saying I'd wear this down the street, but looking at it now, I can see so much more versatility with it as a bright, spring colour that can be matched with different tops and hairstyles for different formal/semi-formal occasions. Moral of the story (or skirt, i guess i should say?) - everything is recyclable if you have a little creativity in you!

As you may be able to tell, being 'in front of the camera' like this is not something I'm used to/do very often (ever) - so i decided to muck around a bit. I did actually find this outfit quite fun though! The skirt (although not green) was so summery and gorgeous that it automatically made anything you paired it with look equally as bright! (Imagine those shoes & top with black jeans, for example - a whole different mood!). My tip - the colour itself can be as bright as you like, but unless it's paired with the right/suitable item for where you're going, it won't hit the spot! Mix and match and try on a few different combinations before you settle! (Oh, and if you're not so big on the whole 'bursting-with-green-because-the-grinch-stole-christmas' idea, just throw in an accessory, like the handbag!)

Not much of a lippy person, myself - but with a colour like this, i feel as though it's a must! To be totally honest, make up isn't exactly my forte, so i tend to just clump on some mascara and concealer, if anything, regardless of what I'm wearing. Only recently have i started to notice (through observation of passing-by street style gurus) that your makeup can alter your entire outfit, and that certain colours do actually work together better than others on more than just your highlighted binders! I for one am a new convert to the green & pink club - regardless of the shade, these two colours compliment one another perfectly!

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  2. You look stunning! Beautiful outfits with a beautiful vibrant colour xx

  3. This post was absolutely insane and feel so honoured to be a part of this collab with you. Your writing style is so engaging and I'm jealous of how great you look in this colour. I love the colour green and you've really inspired me to wear it more in the coming summer months. Love your wardrobe!!

    Love Charlotte x

    1. thanks charlotte!! the collab was awesome, i hope we get to work together again!! x

  4. I love your photos, such a great blog post! Thank you for taking part in this collab.

    1. all thanks go to you for organising and inviting me into this! a great idea, thank you for letting me be a part of it!! x


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