Sunday, 15 November 2015

pray for everyone

in light of the recent events and scares in Paris, social media [at least mine] seems to have been clogged up with people posting essays and photographs and comments surrounding the horror that has become our society, the danger that we have placed ourselves into, and the immoral and unloving world that we seem to have created.

i understand - how can i not?
yes, we live in a world where terrible, terrible things happen far too often. a world where justice and innocence seem to misalign on a far too frequent basis, and a world that is presented to us in a manner that displays ethical turmoil daily.

but so many people seem to have gotten caught up in this whirlwind of fear - this absolute hurricane of some looming threat for further chaos and disaster.

the extent to which people have wholeheartedly embraced and advocated things they've been told, neglecting the very things they see or are on a daily basis, is dangerous.


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

the power of loving yourself

I am not the most confident person - not by a long shot.

Like so many people, sadly, i could list more things i dislike about my appearance, than things that I do. 
And thats a sobering reality.

I could stare into a mirror for hours and hours wondering why my nose is the way it is, why my skin is bad even when i've tried all the solutions, how i'm not a smaller size when i exercise every day, why my hair is difficult to manage, why my collarbones aren't more prominent, why my stomach bloats so much after meals... the list could go on, and on, and on.

Recently, i've noticed the ways in which such a way of being has taken its toll on my life, my relationships, my health, and my happiness - and this isn't a new thing. Though i may have just realised it, the reality is that these feelings, emotions, thoughts and ways of existing have been present in my life for years, and years, and years. 

It's scary how much time I've wasted criticising myself.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

100 reasons why you are enough

this post is exactly what i could feel myself needing to write. in celebration of my 100th post online, i liked the idea of a list of 100 things - but i really wasn't sure what. of course, i could have done '100 ways to fake sick' or 'the best 100 pick up lines' and so on, but i never really liked any of those ideas enough to sit down and churn out one hundred points.

recently, however, i've become very aware of my own scrutiny towards myself - the harsh way i judge both my personality and my appearance, and the way I'm constantly telling myself that i should do more, say more, think more and be more.

so it's become a conscious focus of mine in the past few days to love myself and stop criticising myself. honestly, its not easy. so often i catch myself looking in the mirror analysing every little aspect of my body, or my face, and i have to make myself stop - tell myself i'm fine the way i am, and to just be happy with my life. of course, i don't always believe myself, but i am trying, and slowly, i will get there.

and so it was that i decided more people needed to love themselves - that self-judgment is far too common and dangerously real.

below is a list of 100 reasons why you are enough, exactly as you are. sure, maybe not every last one will apply directly to you personally, but think of it as a reminder of the infinite number of features within yourself that should be celebrated, not overshadowed.
  1. your laugh - it's contagious
  2. your taste in music
  3. the way you dress
  4. your ability to expand your perspective
  5. the fact that you are loved
  6. the fact that you love
  7. your idiosyncrasies 
  8. you care - you cry and you laugh
  9. the person you are when you dance in your room alone
  10. the quotes that you aspire to
  11. the fact that you aspire to anything at all
  12. your potential
  13. the knowledge of how much you've already overcome
  14. your sense of humour
  15. your opinions
  16. the way you choose to design your room to be exactly who you are
  17. your hair when it's messy
  18. your passion
  19. the support you give to other people
  20. the way you've changed someone's life [you have]
  21. your ability to forgive
  22. your ability to apologise 
  23. your humility
  24. those toys you can't let go of from your childhood
  25. the things you're rubbish at, but you try anyway
  26. the songs you sing when you're in a good mood
  27. your morals
  28. the way you look when you've just woken up
  29. your awareness that the world is greater than just you
  30. the things you choose to read
  31. what the people you associate with say about your character
  32. your trust of others, and others in return
  33. good manners
  34. ambition
  35. your dreams - never lose them
  36. the way you get heated up over something you believe in
  37. the way your voice sounds when you're sleepy
  38. your willingness to hep other people
  39. or moreover, your urge to change the world
  40. the pattern of colors in your eyes
  41. your intrinsic motivation for things you care about
  42. your faith
  43. the power you're aware lies in your own potential
  44. you can, or are learning to, say no sometimes
  45. you try
  46. that quirk [gap between your teeth? dimples?]
  47. those embarrassing moments
  48. the accomplishments you've made so far
  49. your recognition of others' success
  50. your courage - even if it means reassessing yourself
  51. you don't believe everything you hear
  52. the fact that you would never intentionally hurt another
  53. your generosity
  54. the way you can make another person feel good about themselves
  55. the unique placement of that freckle, or birthmark
  56. you can, or are learning to, ask for help when you need it
  57. your strength
  58. the fact that you would defend you family and friends endlessly
  59. the way you are when you're in your favourite place
  60. your perseverance
  61. your heritage
  62. that drive for self-improvement
  63. your love for the world
  64. the ability to compromise
  65. your favourite color
  66. you value someone's personality over their looks or materialistic presence
  67. the way you obsess over TV shows
  68. you always try to keep your word
  69. you value the people in your life
  70. the way you make time for yourself every now and then
  71. you stand by your own decisions and choices in life
  72. the fact that you won't be swayed by what other people tell you
  73. you take risks, even if they're small
  74. that little hobby you enjoy in privacy 
  75. you can listen
  76. the fact that you have a conscience
  77. whether you're shy or outgoing, both are differently intriguing
  78. the silly things your mind retains - song lyrics or phone numbers
  79. your excitement when you see something you love
  80. your spontaneity 
  81. the things you try to understand and appreciate
  82. the way your height works to you advantage, even if not all of the time
  83. your lucky number, and why it's your lucky number
  84. the way you rub your eyes when you're sleepy
  85. that position you sleep in every single night since you were a baby
  86. your willingness to branch out
  87. you find time for yourself
  88. your experiences are entirely your own
  89. you strive for fairness
  90. the fact that you are aware that there's inequality in the world
  91. and that part of you that wants to change that
  92. you don't use people, you appreciate them
  93. your 3a.m. quirky self
  94. you have fears
  95. the way you sing loudly in the car, or the shower
  96. you try not to judge other people
  97. the way you feel others' pain
  98. you're entirely unpredictable
  99. the fact that you don't take life too seriously all the time
  100. you are not perfect
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