Sunday, 15 November 2015

pray for everyone

in light of the recent events and scares in Paris, social media [at least mine] seems to have been clogged up with people posting essays and photographs and comments surrounding the horror that has become our society, the danger that we have placed ourselves into, and the immoral and unloving world that we seem to have created.

i understand - how can i not?
yes, we live in a world where terrible, terrible things happen far too often. a world where justice and innocence seem to misalign on a far too frequent basis, and a world that is presented to us in a manner that displays ethical turmoil daily.

but so many people seem to have gotten caught up in this whirlwind of fear - this absolute hurricane of some looming threat for further chaos and disaster.

the extent to which people have wholeheartedly embraced and advocated things they've been told, neglecting the very things they see or are on a daily basis, is dangerous.

have people failed to notice the uproar?
the lengths to which this heartbreak is felt across the entire globe?
the ways in which people - all people of all races and nationalities and ages and genders - have united in a common belief that the world can be better; should be better?

the way the people in Paris opened up their homes to strangers, or gave free taxi rides to deliver loved ones to safety. the viral spread of the hashtag #prayforparis, the sharing and re-sharing of photos all over instagram, the Facebook profile picture updates with the colors of the french flag, youtube's updated logo to support france, the keen way millions of people all over the globe keep loving and genuine tabs as events unfold in Paris, the way governments of all countries and nations have decided to take action to stand against these attacks, and support Paris as any other city - their own - targeted unfairly, and treated as equal.

it's beautiful.

and i'm not saying beauty does or should require an evil, terrorising act to draw it out into the open - i believe it is there each day. but let us mourn together, fight together, mend together and celebrate together.

we may not have much to celebrate at a time like this, but to claim that there is nothing but fear and constant terror is blind.

we can celebrate hope.
the hope that everyone can see, because we are all a part of it.

yes, it's important that we remain on our guard. that we take the precautions necessary to protect each person from any chance of future pain, and that we recognise the flaws in our world - but nothing is as important as remembering and reminding one another of the beauty that still remains. the truth of good - and good people.

so stand tall - no matter where you are.
if you are in france, italy, america, australia, asia, africa - anywhere - stand up, but don't stand up for the sake of fear.

stand up for the sake of hope.

mourn, be disgusted, and then be re-energized with hope.
the majority of the world stands against these acts of injustice, and with everyone and everything going for us - we should never fear more than we should hope.



  1. Love the positivity and perspective Annie! Well written :)

  2. beautifully written - exactly my perspective on the issue! have a wonderful day x


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