Thursday, 23 June 2016

ten things every teenage girl deserves to hear

1. You don't have to have all the answers - if you did, you'd have nothing left to discover. Keep your eyes open, your arms wide and your mind curious; with an open heart, you'll figure it out

2. Judging others brings nothing but poison into your own life, and what you say of another speaks directly of yourself. It costs nothing to be kind, and spreading joy never detracted from one's own.

3. Smile more often - happiness and joy are emotions that you can choose to embrace and reflect onto others.

4. Wear makeup only when you're wearing it for you. Don't dress yourself up for him or her - dress yourself up because you want to feel indestructible and powerful (and then realise that you are).

5. Not everyone you meet has your best interests at heart. Learn to decipher between the blessings and lessons, but take no person's presence for granted. Each person comes into your life for a reason.

6. Two things will get you through your teenage years, and most probably your young adult life, too; resilience, and the ability to laugh at yourself. Find them, and never lose them.

7. Earning the respect of your parents is the first step towards building a friendly relationship with them, and this friendly relationship is the very thing that will give you the independence you so desperately seek.

8. Turn your phone off more often. Don't let your time waste away in the viral opinions of others and hurricane of meaningless media. Inform yourself through your senses, not senselessness.

9. Don't rush. Your time will come, that person will arrive, and the present will become the past.

10. Travel. You will never learn as much through a book, a classroom or a dream as you will through exploration and worldly appreciation. Meet people, challenge yourself and constantly demand more.

You deserve it. 


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