Saturday, 1 October 2016

Fab Fit Fun - Discount Code!

I am SO happy & lucky & honored to be an official Campus Ambassador here at USC for FabFitFun!
What exactly is FabFitFun?

For those of you who don't know, FabFitFun sends out seasonal boxes (4 times each year!) filled with goodies and gifts ranging from lifestyle, beauty, fashion and health products! The products are all FULL SIZE, not small samples, and amazing! 

Valued at $200 per box, but sold for just $49, these boxes have literally exploded all over the internet and social media - with over 280k followers on Instagram, girls aged 14+ all over are loving the gifts of FFF! They're also honestly the most amazing gift for a sister/daughter/mother/aunt/cousin/friend, especially when you don't live with them, and want something special delivered straight to their door!

Just yesterday, I received my very first box, themed and timed appropriately for the beginning of Fall, packed with amazing treats I cannot wait to use, including a blanket, some Skin Laundry facial night cream, coloring books & pencils, a travel coffee mug, some lavender body oil, a soap scrub, and SO much more!


Click here to check out Fab Fit Fun's website, and here to check out their amazing Instagram!
Use my code "ITSLIT" at the checkout for $10 off your first order, and feel free to message me here for any further details!
Stay gorgeous & Keep your head held high!
You're beautiful!



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