Sunday, 16 October 2016

Product Review: Happy Skincare Facial Mask & Vegan Box

Yesterday, amidst my stressful midterms studying, French dictionary searching and literature paper writing, I received a package. It turns out that a few of my amazing friends from back home in Sydney had come together to send me a box of love in the form of my very first Vegan Box! Inside were a whole variety of goodies, ranging from some of the best dark chocolate I've ever had (seriously, so good), a cacao ball, some coconut spicy snacks, vegan choi and a Happy Skincare facial mask (pictured above).

Overall, the box was amazing, and paired with my joyous surprise receiving it unexpectedly from some of the people closest to me, I loved it! After doing a little research into the brand, I've discovered that you can purchase boxes for beauty or snacks, in different sizes for different prices - you can check out their range here - and I'm completely considering signing myself up, so would definitely recommend!

But the one product I specifically want to review is the Happy Skincare "Pig In Mud Mineral Mask." This was actually my first time (I think?) using a product that is 100% vegan friendly, and I was curious to see how it fared.

The mask aims to minimize pores and blackheads on the skin, and is suitable for Normal, Dry and Sensitive skin types.

It comes in a powder, which you mix either in your hand or in a small bowl with the corresponding amount of water, in order to create a nice thick paste. From here, you simply leave it on your skin until it dries (5-10 minutes) and wash off with warm water. (Tip: use a dark towel to wash your face with, as the mask is a dusty pink color that stands out on light towels!)

Honestly, after using this product, I love it, and have to say I think I genuinely prefer it to any other face mask I own or have tried! It feels much lighter than other ones I have tried, incredibly natural, and instantly makes your skin feel open, brighter and deeply cleansed! It hasn't dried out my skin too much, either, which can be a common side-effect of facial masks, especially ones targeted at problematic skin, but I would still recommend applying a light moisturizer afterwards just for hydration.

Overall, I would 100% recommend both the Vegan Box and the Happy Skincare mask (I'm eager to try the rest of their range!) to anyone who wants to make the switch to cruelty free snacks, beauty and  a safe investment!

As always, please ask any questions in the comments below, or feel free to message me directly via my contact details!



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