Friday, 7 October 2016

ways to get in your plant-protein each day

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I've never been much of a protein-powder kind of person - I tend to enjoy working out in a very 'raw' form (that is, running outdoors and doing bodyweight exercises that don't require any kind of equipment), and the same methodology has been at the forefront of my nutrition: supplements and vitamins haven't really been consciously amplified within my diet.

Recently, however, and since being injured, I decided that I wanted to try and find the right kind of protein supplement for my body; something that I could consume easily and enjoyably after my more intense workouts or with my breakfast, just to better my muscular repair and body strength training result.

After a little research, I decided to order just a single bag of chocolate protein powder from Tropeaka, and Australian protein brand. All of the products on Tropeaka are plant-based, pea proteins, which is not only amazing for your health, but also #vegan!

Whilst I haven't been using this product long enough to completely correlate its presence in my diet with any fitness results, I've absolutely loved the taste, it's been easy and affordable to incorporate into my diet, and I genuinely love having it in my cupboard! As a result of having enjoyed the product so much, I've tested out a few different ways to incorporate some added chocolatey-goodness into my diet!

  1. Banana-Berry-Chocolate Nicecream - This one completely depends on you; essentially you just blend frozen fruit with water and/or milk of your choice, with a scoop of the Tropeaka chocolate protein powder in it. I personally like to use less milk and more frozen fruit to ensure that my smoothie consistency stays thicker and closer to that of ice cream - from here, you can pour it into a bowl, top it with some granola or chia seeds (or whatever you want really), and eat it with a spoon
  2. Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding - This is a classic overnight breakfast that I have been making for a while now, however I have recently substituted cacao powder for chocolate protein powder the nights before I know I'm going to have a tough workout. Once again, you can top this however you like!
  3. Choc Oatmeal - If you, like me, love the taste, ease and affordability of oats, then why change? I sometimes make my oatmeal as usual in the microwave, then (once its out) immediately add some protein powder and stir it continually until all the chocolate has been absorbed!! I also personally love to add frozen raspberries, as this adds some yummy sugar, and the heat of the oatmeal defrosts the raspberries quickly and deliciously 
  4. Chocolate Milk - Simple and easy, you just blend together your milk with some chocolate protein power and, voila! Pro tip: use an actual blender rather than just stirring vigorously with a spoon - the blender is quicker and more effective, and easy to clean without any frozen fruit remnants 
  5. Protein Balls - Tropeaka's website actually provides some super easy and amazing recipes, a personal favorite being the refrigerated protein balls (I'm yet to try their cookies and pancakes....)! These are once again incredibly customizable, and are the perfect bite-sized snack to keep in your fridge in place of those sugary granola and protein bars!!
Tropeaka also provide plenty of other dietary supplements for smoothies and juices and desserts, such as Cleansing powders and Acai powder! I'm yet to expand my horizons, but I'll keep you updated... until then, you can check them out here! Oh, and they have fast, international shipping!



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