Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Dreaming Big Enough

We all have dreams - goals, ambitions; those things that we could only hope would happen to us. And a lot of us have plans, too - step by step forecasts of exactly how we are going to achieve our dreams. However, lately I've realized that my personal dreams were exactly that - personal. What I wanted and what I've been striving for has been completely self-focused and narrow-minded, and after really thinking about it, I realized that these 'dreams' I'd been having were only part of the picture.

I want to write - that much has always been clear to me. Whether it's for a blog, or a magazine, or a novel, or for film and television - I know that writing is more than just my hobby, and that in that ideal world, it would be my career. 

But there is more to it than that - I enjoy writing, and I want to stick with it, but I'd neglected the things I truly care about.

I care about women - I care about making sure young girls grow up full of confidence in themselves, class and elegance, youthful fun and high hopes. I want women to empower women and then for all women and men to empower all people. 

I care about race, and sexuality, and minorities. I care about allowing people - everyone - the chance to have their voices hear. I want a world wherein no story is more or less important than the next simply because of who is telling it, how it is told, or who it is about.

I care about travel. I care about all people exploring the world and taking the time, investing the energy, in challenging themselves culturally. I want everyone to have the opportunity to expand their borders, and to see and experience the true value in what it means to be a global citizen.

I care about the environment. I want people to not simply acknowledge global warming, but to act upon it. To educate themselves and to spread love and to live in a way that protects our livelihood, our planet, and our unborn generations.

I care about a lot of things. We all do.

For me, I now know that writing is merely my pathway. Writing is my medium of choice for spreading awareness - for reaching others, connecting with people all over the world, trying to make a change, no matter how small, and improving every little aspect of what it means to be alive, to be a woman, today.

When people tell you to dream bigger, it's almost always a suggestion to go higher - to take yourself higher, or move faster, or succeed further. I am telling you to dream bigger, also - only this time, I want you to dream bigger for everyone. Dream bigger for all the people who can and will be aided by your personal goals, by your successes - the people whose lives will be changed for the better for having known you or seen your mark on this world.

Dream bigger, yes, but most importantly -
Dream Deeper.



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