Thursday, 10 November 2016

My Views on the 2016 Presidential Election

Recently I wrote a piece touching upon the intricate and somewhat toxic circulation of media and individual responses to the current results of America's Presidential Election. You can read that article here, to see what I was witnessing and how I was reacting just one day after election.

Now, with a little more time to think and breathe (though still, it's all very fresh) I still agree with my original article completely, however, I wish to expand.

First and foremost I want to point out to everyone that this is not the first politically polarizing event in American or global history, and it certainly won't be the last. Oftentimes, the hardest struggles and most fearful positions can bring out the best in people. The danger lies in the fact that similar situations bring out the worst of some, and our challenge is to make a conscious choice to react with love and kindness and determination.

Moreover, education is a vital step, but not the only step. Research statistics, policies, predicted plans and propaganda of both sides of the election - including (and especially) your own. Politics as a whole is ridden with media enhancement and misinterpretation that swells and spreads via social media without justification and backstories. The only way to know what you're talking about and what is true is to seek out reliable information for yourself, and remain skeptical of all else.

Finally, and what i believe to be most important, is how you choose to act.

This election is an American one, but it had been broadcast internationally. The result is out, the numbers tallied. That's that (for now). What matters most, and what will ultimately define America far, far more than its President or Senate, is how American citizens choose to react.

More than anything else, I've seen hatred. I've seen social outcasting, exclusion, blame, fury and heightened egos. Take a moment to think about the people you speak to. They are people, and nobody reacts well or listens truly to attacking and violent statements or actions.

And, above all else, remember that this will pass. How you feel in this moment isn't permanent, but what you say to people, what you choose to do and how you interact with everyone you see is permanent. Don't ruin friendships and relationships today when this is only a short tomorrow.

You will regret yourself far more than this heartbeat in time, if you let this election ruin your relationships.



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