Saturday, 19 November 2016

Weightloss Teas - Yes or No?

I remember vividly the first time I heard about "teatoxes" - or rather, "tea that makes you lose weight!" I thought that I'd hit the jackpot - my fifteen year old self was convinced that this was the answer to my prayers. And whilst I wasn't an overweight teenager by any means, I definitely didn't feel comfortable in my skin, and wanted to lose just those last few pounds to truly feel beautiful (ugh).

Right then and there, I invested in a fourteen-day detox from Skinny Mint Tea, and when it arrived, I was ecstatic.

The first night that I took the 'nighttime cleansing' tea - essentially just a laxative tea - I found myself shaky and feeling ill in the bathroom for half the night. Truthfully, I was so naive at this point that it didn't even occur to me that the tea may have been the cause of all this - I didn't even know what a laxative was. But, when I got up to get dressed the next morning for school, I noticed that my stomach was virtually completely flat, and I could've (might've?) cried with happiness.

That same night, getting into my pajamas, I noticed that my stomach had bloated back out to its original size from the food I'd consumed throughout the day, and I can say for sure, I cried.

After realizing that this nighttime tea was what was really making quick changes (and what young teen doesn't want quick results?) I began ignoring the instructions and taking it every night, as opposed to every second. Now, I know that this then opens the doors for people to say "the tea isn't the problem, you didn't follow the instructions!" - and they'd be right here - but over the course of four years, I went on and off "weight loss" teas in general, as well as different brands, sticking to their instructions to a tee (pun totally intended).

Now, five years after hearing about these laxative teas, my digestion is still recovering. I bloat easily, can't use the bathroom regularly (if you know what I mean) and get massive cramps from poor bowel functioning. I've seen both doctors and dietitians, and the symptoms are mystifying, with cures even less visible. I focus on my diet and hydration and exercise, hoping that my body can restore itself to its natural function.

This article is not to critique SkinnyMint Tea, BooTea, SkinnyMeTea or Flat Tummy Tea (the brands I have personally tried) in particular - I merely have grown to disagree with the concept behind weight-loss teas in general.

If you look carefully at the packaging of almost every weight-loss aiding tea, you will see printed in some form that the tea only assists weight loss, and works when consumed in combination with a healthy diet and active lifestyle. Now, while this may be true, I have found and genuinely believe that the reality is that the role these teas play in your weight-loss would be a mere 1% of your total weight loss progress.

The real success lies in forming good habits, eating the right food, exercising enough and getting enough sleep.

Personally, I don't recommend any form of weight loss tea whatsoever - regardless of brand of strength or ingredients. Keep in mind also that there are a ton of other ways to get your metabolism going for less money, and in a far more natural way (peppermint tea? green tea?), which is a lot more sustainable for long-term health and keeping the weight off.

The one tea that I did try and genuinely enjoyed - would recommend - is Fruiteatox (pictured above). This is a UK based brand that ships internationally - however, it's important to note that I am not recommending this tea for weight loss, but rather for morning energy, nighttime calming and great taste, all in collaboration with natural, vegan ingredients. This tea is much more beneficial to your skin and energy and glow than it is to your waistline - and this is more important!!

Moral of the story - you can do better than weight loss teas!!

If you're looking for weight loss, look at your lifestyle! If you still feel the need to add something in, look for green tea or peppermint tea or any superfood that enhances your metabolism - it'll save your wallet and your digestion in the long run!!



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