Monday, 26 December 2016

45 things to do this summer

Without ripping off the Phineas and Ferb theme song, Summer Break is long, and whilst it’s amazing, oftentimes we find ourselves sleeping in, watching TV and sleeping early. #summerfun

For those days when you haven’t got any plans, or when you’re with your friends [but not really because you’re both just scrolling through Instagram], here’s some ideas to get you started:

1.     Have a water balloon fight
2.     Go on a hike/coastal walk
3.     Bake something new
4.     Go to an outdoor cinema
5.     Create an outdoor cinema
6.     Go to a puppy/animal shelter
7.     Find a new brunch spot
8.     Hang by the pool
9.     Buy tickets to a band you don’t know
10.  Take a class in something
11.  Do Deep-House yoga
12.  Have a picnic
13.  Be a tourist in your own city
14.  Read in the public library
15.  Learn to brew coffee
16.  Have a paint fight
17.  Go to some local markets
18.  Have an old-fashioned sleepover
19.  Go on a road trip
20.  Have a bonfire
21.  Toast marshmallows
22.  Go to a Karaoke bar
23.  By a ticket to some city nearby
24.  Go boating/sailing/kayaking
25.  Learn to surf
26.  Try to grow your own fruits and veggies
27.  Have a board game tournament
28.  Pamper evenings
29.  Hang at a rooftop bar
30.  Go to a free music festival
31.  Mini-Golfing
32.  Learn some new DIYs
33.  Start a new fitness routine
34.  Volunteer
35.  Make Tie-Dye clothing
36.  Host an event
37.  Visit relatives
38.  Take photos of everything
39.  Get a summer job
40.  Paint your nails
41.  Home-make lemonade
42.  Have a movie marathon
43.  Complete a fitness challenge
44.  Read the one book you’ve been meaning to
45.  Camp in the garden

Have some more cool ideas? Share them in the comments below to help this list grow!



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