Saturday, 10 December 2016

Christmas Gifts For Her Under $50

Source: 2020 Ave

Shopping for Gifts around this time of year can be two things: fun, and expensive. Luckily, there are a ton of amazing sites and stores that understand this struggle, cater for people just like you, so you can afford to get that amazing makeup palette for your sister, as well as an ugly mug for Aunt Nancy.

1. iPhone Cases - iPhone cases are quirky and cool and necessary, but also often overlooked! Check out my personal fav website here, or explore around! (There's some super cute ones on Easy, just make sure you check the shipping dates to ensure it arrives in time!)

2. Undies - Yep, undies... but not the 'mom' kind; i'm talking super cute, flouncy, fancy, frilly or whatever undies your dearly beloved will love to wear most! Check out these awesome deals on undies, bras and ~bralettes~ (ooh la la) here, and once again, search around!

3. Candy - I'm not suggesting you go and wrap up a box of Sour Patch Kids for your bestie (although if she likes them...... why not?) - I'm talking about those *luxury* candy companies, like this one! Giving and receiving tasteful (and tasty) gifts is fun an original, without breaking your budget!

4. Accessories - Sunglasses, rings, purses, hats, scarves... there are so many cute accessories out there, and it's much easier to get someone's style right with an additional item rather than with a full outfit! For affordable, on-trend accessories, check out 2020 Ave, with quick shipping and easy buys!

5. Stationary - What girl doesn't love stationary? Seriously, it's like we are all five on our first day of school again, excited by pens, and paper, and staplers... Not ashamed, only proud. That said, there's a difference between the type of pens you gift to someone.. check out Paper Source for cards, giftwrap, pens, pencils, stickers, paper and diary's (and wayyyyyy more).

6. Vouchers - Gifting experiences are often overlooked simply because the act of giving a slip of paper can feel or appear a little.... 'less than.' That said, however, you can snag some amazing gifts online that promise incredible, indulgent experiences for her no matter where you are this holiday season...! Check out Groupon for some cheap bargains, and look into facials, massages, hot air balloon rides.... (perhaps skydiving, if she's into that dare-devil-please-put-my-life-in-danger kinda thing)

7. Skincare - Buying makeup can be easy, assuming you stick to the basics (mascara, nude pallets, lip glosses...), but buying skincare adds an extra touch of luxury, with a slightly more necessary product! Of course, you don't want to go stingy with the skincare products, as this will be reflected in the state of your girl/girlfriend/sister/bestie's skin later on (oops?), so I'd recommend spending as much as you're willing/can afford on this. In saying that, and in sticking to my "under $50" benchmark, I recommend you check out Skin Laundry's Online store - they have great quality products, cute and classy packaging, and reliable shipping!

8. Subscription - It wouldn't be a gift guide without me mentioning the gift that keeps on giving.......... subscriptions! Be this to a magazine or a product that you know she'll love, a monthly/yearly subscription is a great idea to get someone more ~qualified~ to do the shopping for you! Personally, I'm subscribed with FabFitFun and adore receiving their boxes (oh, and check out my sidebar for an extra $10 off code!!), but I also really love the sounds of Urth Box - although can't speak from experience there..!

Those are my top 8 individual gifts for girls this christmas, but below I've included a few websites that offer a range of classy, quirky, cool and affordable knick-knacks, all of which I highly recommend giving a browse...!

~ Belle & Blush
~ Urban Outfitters
~ The Body Shop
~ Function of Beauty

Psst... Keep an eye out for my gift guide for boys, because if boys aren't hard to shop for, nobody is...


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