Saturday, 10 December 2016

Christmas Gifts For Him Under $50

1. Tickets - I am a sucker for experiences and moments rather than 'things,' and so I believe that gifting some tickets to a concert, or a vacation, or a musical or whatever he likes is a completely safe, exciting, personalized and thoughtful gift! Plus, if you plan ahead early enough, you can get tickets cheaaaaaap before the date approaches and the prices jack up! Check out Vivid Seats for your start-out concert ticket venue!

2. Watch - Every man needs a good watch, that's just how it goes. And whilst most watches will cost more than $50, you don't have to spend that kind of money to get a classy, simple, goes-with-everything kind of gift! Check out Asos Men for a whole range of watches in a whole range of prices!

3. Joke Gifts - Who doesn't love a good gag gift? Not only is it funny, but it also shows that you put in a little thought, which is way more important than the amount of money you spent!! My go-to gag gift sites are Uncommon Goods and Off The Wagon.

4. Fashion - Let's be honest here: guys with good fashion is irresistible. It's just a fact. However, most young guys don't care enough to spend their money on clothes (what???), so it seems that job has fallen upon you. No problem! Get them looking stylish without breaking your bank (because we also want a few extra dollars for our own clothes, surely) with my go-to mens clothing sites: Academy Brand, Zara Man and Saks Off Fifth!

5. Cosmetics - No, not makeup. We're talking about luxury shaving cream, aftershave, cologne, skincare products and the works. Believe it or not, guys need those things, too! Hit up the Men's section of Sephora for the best deals, gift packages and range of products!

6. Drinking Games - Assuming your boy/bae is over the legal drinking age (mmmmm), a solid game involving beer, red cups or even classy glasses is always a fun turn to take!! If it's summer, you could get inflatable beer pong tables, or even just a book on the best cocktail bars in your city! Check out some cool versions of drinking games here, and then just have a glance around - they're surprisingly cheap and easy to locate!

7. Technology - Every guy loves technology, be it outwardly or secretly - so you can't go wrong with some wireless speakers, a new phone accessory or perhaps even a computer game (apparently there's no age limit to playing COD 23 hours a day...) - for the cheapest deals, start your search at BestBuy and go from there!

Truthfully, I struggle way more with shopping for guys than I do for girls, so if you have any suggestions, let's help each other out and leave them below!

Happy shopping!



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