Thursday, 29 December 2016

New Year's Resolutions

Whilst we can probably all admit that the concept of a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ is a little pathetic [what makes January 1 any better of a time to start fresh than June 21?], we can all probably also admit that secretly we all create and crave those fresh motivations, too.

That said, coming up with the ‘perfect’ resolution can be tricky – there are a few very important things you’ll need to consider before telling every man and his dog what 2017 will be for you.

1.     Don’t overdo it – you can’t simply overhaul your lifestyle and everything it tails along overnight. You need to be realistic, otherwise you’ll be off the wagon by March, returned to your pessimistic perspective of resolutions in the first place.
2.     Be specific – know exactly what you’re working towards, and find a way to calculate how far you’ve travelled. Download an app [there’s an app for everything], write it down, start a journal… do something ‘real’ to make sure that you treat this resolution with an air of seriousness, otherwise it will fall right through the cracks
3.     Know Why – more important than knowing what you’re working on, you need to truly know why. Why do you want to lose weight? Is it simply for that trip at the end of the year, or is it for your health? Why do you want to quit smoking? Why do you want to be able to run 5 miles? What will your resolution give you in return – there has to be some strong intrinsic motivation to validate the effort that you’re going to have to invest
4.     Tell people – the more people who know what you’re trying to do, the more accountable you will be. It’s simple: if you want to clean up your diet, telling the people you live with or eat out frequently with will enable them to keep you on track, too, so you’re no longer simply ‘cheating’ yourself.
5.     Put yourself first – the entire point of creating a resolution is to dedicate time, energy and conscious effort to yourself. You need to accept and own the fact that you need and deserve the energy that this commitment will take, and you need to consciously decide to prioritize yourself, in whatever way, in the oncoming year.

At the end of the day, there is nothing more remarkable about January 1 than any other day of the year – unless you decide that there is. So make a decision, think it out, write it down, create and plan and invest the time that your plan requires.

2017 can be the year that you stop making resolutions to stick to your resolutions!
You do you, but do you the best way you can.


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