Sunday, 11 December 2016

Review: FitBit Flex 2

I'd never been a 'FitBit' person - you know the kind of person I'm talking about; the one that talks about their FitBit every moment of every day, can tell you the serial number of their product and rattle off the pros, cons, name of maker and various prices off the top of their head. I've never boarded that train.

However, recently I got sent to College Fashion Week in LA by FabFitFun (side note: it was fabulous), and as a part of the VIP goodie bag was a free pre-order voucher of the new FitBit Flex 2. Given that the product was free, and knowing that I would likely never spend my own money on a FitBit for myself (I tend to workout without a watch buzzing on my wrist to remind me), I decided to go for it.

Around a month ago, the watch arrived (as pictured above) and I've been wearing it and getting used to it for a few weeks now. And I have to say; i love it!

Essentially, the FitBit Flex 2 doesn't have a screen on the band: it is thinner and more petite than the original FitBit, and has only five tiny lights on the top, that will light up according to the notification it gives: for example, when I hit my daily step count, the lights flash different colors (party mode?) to celebrate, whilst when my phone is receiving an incoming call (they connect via Bluetooth), it will vibrate and light up white, which will direct my attention to the call.

In order to fully use the watch, you download the free FitBit app for your phone, and sync the two items via Bluetooth. From here, everything is completely customizable! You enter your age, weight, height, activity level, fitness and health goals, sleep goals, daily step goals, etc. The app is entirely your own - you can have as many or as few alerts, reminders and vibrations on your actual FitBit as you like, and wear it only when you want.

You can also use your GPS to track your exercise, which is great, because after having entered in your age, height and weight, the calorie expenditure is calculated incredibly accurately.

Your diet is equally important for your health (you all know I'm a huge advocate for a healthy diet), and the FitBit Flex App allows you to scan foods you're eating, enter in quantities and calories, set calorie goals and monitor your weekly calorie intake vs. expenditure.

Whilst I don't personally think that counting calories is the healthiest approach to weight loss from a mental health perspective (it can become obsessive and addictive), I'm not against having a rough idea of your own consumption and activity levels, and have actually really enjoyed tracking roughly what I do and don't consume in a day.

All in all, I really, really love this product. I wear the FitBit every day (unless, perhaps, I'm going somewhere fancy and I don't want to have it as a make-shift accessory on my wrist), I enjoy keeping up with the app, tracking things, the battery life is fantastic (it lasts a number of days, and then takes around 2 hours to fully recharge), and the durability of the watch itself is great.

It's also not as expensive as I think it could be, for what it does and the benefits you can reap by using it correctly, so I would entirely recommend this as a gift to yourself, someone else, or a kickstart for that New Years resolution we both know you secretly have.

Go for it!!


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