Tuesday, 6 December 2016

SoulCycle - Is It Worth It?

source: https://www.soul-cycle.com
Recently, thanks to my recurring injuries (hips, knees and calves.. what did I do to deserve this?!), I've been trying to work out in different ways in order to evade the specific parts of my body that hurt.

Whilst I'm a runner through and through - nothing comes close to the feeling of a good run, for me - I've expanded my cardio horizons recently to include spinning.

Last year, i toyed around a little with FlyWheel - an indoor spin class company in LA, and really loved it. However, their classes were a luxury, given that their studio was located a fair drive away from where I live by campus, and thus became a Sunday morning treat more than a weekly workout routine. This year, however, a new SoulCycle studio opened up in DTLA, and given its much more convenient location, I began to test it out.

I won't compare FlyWheel and SoulCycle here in this post (that's a whole article of its own!), but instead I'm going to focus on the one I'm currently investing in.

What is SoulCycle?

Essentially, it's a chain luxury company proving high-intensity spin classes with super qualified instructors and really (really) loud music. The vibe is young and intense, the classes are fit for all types of riders, and the instructors are overflowing with energy every single class. Oh, and the rooms are dimmed, lit instead by candles and dark lights.

The only downside - cost.

SoulCycle classes are $30 each, with an additional $3 per class to rent shoes (something most of us need). You can't buy a membership - which I personally think would be way more financially appealing - but you can buy class passes; 5, 10, 20 etc., each averaging out to be slightly less than $30 each (though not a lot less).

So essentially your workout comes down to your income;
Is SoulCycle a good workout? Yes
Is SoulCycle fun? Yes
Is SoulCycle affordable long-term? For most, No

Unless you know that the cost of this workout doesn't bother you (in which case I say, go do it!!), I'd recommend SoulCycle as a social activity - get your friends together, go to a class together, splurge a little and then get brunch after! It's a great way to amp up your energy, get your blood pumping, do strength and cardio training at the same time and just dance along to some awesome music!

Let me know what you think of SoulCycle, and whether you'd like any comparisons between other companies offering a similar service!



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