Sunday, 11 December 2016

Unnown Footwear

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Style, Comfort, Affordability - these are the three most important elements to a shoe, yet sadly, the odds of one actually being able to find such a shoe are... slim [to say the least]. Oftentimes, the super trendy shoes either cost more than your three-month-income [six, for you college students], OR conversely, are a financial steal that gives you seven blisters, chipped toenails, a broken rubber sole and no grip as you try to run away from all those frat boys. #Disaster

Thankfully, however, our needs [aka wants] have been heard, met and granted!! Introducing, Unnown Footwear!!!

Now is an entirely appropriate moment for you to be like "Annabel, what are you talking about? I've never even heard of their shoes...." and you'd be right - they're unknown [gettit? unnown... I'm hilarious, I know].

But in all seriousness, Unnown Footwear is a new start-up shoe company, based in LA [although they ship worldwide], creating on-trend sneakers that cater to the budget, comfort and durability required and desired by college students - girls and guys!

Their sneakers range from high tops to slip ons, in mostly neutral colors [yay for neutrals, yay for shoes that go with everything], with a variety of simple, bumpy and tasseled textures, so there's something for everyone!!

PLUS, you can get them discounted! What college/high school student doesn't love cheaper than cheap, on-trend shoes?! (or what person doesn't, really?)

You can use the code "ANNIEUS" at checkout for 15% OFF! ... OR, if you're based in AUSTRALIA, I have a special discount for you, because that #australianshipping costing your soul (plus tax and tip) isn't cool... those of you located down under can use the code "ANNIEAU" for 20% OFF your order!!!

Just in time for the holiday season, and more importantly, just in time for you...
Let me know what shoes you go for! I'm currently living in my black leather high tops, highly recommend...

Happy shopping, Happy saving!


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