Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Everyday Tips For Clearer Skin

For most of us, whether you're thirteen or twenty-three, attaining and maintaining clear skin is both a struggle and a priority. Having clear skin provides confidence, which we all know can lead to a whole world of things; you’re more willing to go out, your more comfortable in your own skin, etc.

I’ll admit straight up that genetics have a lot to do with skin; your hormones and any family history of acne, dryness, oily skin etc., are - unfortunately - a part of who you are. That said, to simply give into these factors would be a mistake. There are a number of things that everyone can consciously do each and every day to improve the health, vitality and glow of their skin.

  1. Drink more water. This is one of the most popular pieces of advice when it comes to healthy skin, and not for no reason. Dehydration affects absolutely every aspect of your body, from brain function, to metabolism, to skin. Even if you have problems with oily skin, drying your face out via dehydration limits your body’s ability to heal itself, which is the primary role of the skin when it comes to acne and curing acne. 
  2. Use headphones. Today, it’s unbelievably rare for any of us to go anywhere without our phones - admit it, you even bring your phone to the bathroom with you, don't you? Naturally, our phone screens are going to be covered in germs, be it from your fingers, your pocket, your handbag, the desktop you put it on, etc. Placing this screen [even if you clean it with a screen wipe] onto your ear/face when you make a call places those germs directly onto your skin, literally forcing bad bacteria to settle in your skin. Instead, make the decision to look like you’ve gone crazy as you walk down the street talking to your BFF via a set of earphones.
  3. Wash your sheets. We all do this [I hope?] at least every two weeks [If you don’t, maybe make that your 2017 resolution…], but what about your pillowcase? If you really want to see a difference to your skin, it doesn’t make sense to wash the very thing it rests on for 8-10 hours every night the same amount as the sheets that your feet lay in, does it? Ideally, washing your pillowcase every 3 days is good to aim for, but if this is just unreasonable for you, try to at least do it weekly, or have two pillows so you can sleep on one for a few nights and then the other before doing a linen wash.
  4. Keep your hands off. As touched upon in the problem surrounding phone screen germs, your hands are actually the dirtiest part of your body. It makes sense then that constantly fluttering around your face with your hands is going to leave traces of oil, dirt and bacteria all over. The key here is to not only stop playing with your skin or touching your face, but monitoring your subconscious movements, e.g. if you rest your chin in your hand when you’re bored in class.
  5. Swap coffee for tea. Please don’t hate me - it’s for the best. I’m not saying no coffee, because I can straight up guarantee you that I’m not willing to do that, and therefore wouldn’t ask such an absurdity of you, either. However, coffee can cause breakouts in some people [not everyone], so either cutting back or taking a break from coffee could be a good way to see if you notice any changes in your skin and find out if you're one of those people.
  6. Take off your make up. Make up itself has been demonized for skin problems, breakouts and virtually every other problem under the sun when it comes to teenage and young adult women - and I don’t entirely disagree with this demonization [read my post on giving up makeup here], however I truly believe that it’s not the makeup itself making you breakout, but rather, not taking it off. If you go out at night and fall asleep with a face full of foundation, or workout with your perfectly contoured cheekbones, you allow sweat, dirt and grime to not only settle onto your face, but the makeup prevents it from having a chance to get off, as well. Oh, and if you’re not changing that pillowcase regularly, then you’re also sleeping in last weekend’s makeup residue, too… 
  7. Tie it back. Your hair naturally carries with it a whole lot of oil [mostly healthy, if you wash it often enough], which - if always down, dirty and/or pressed against your face - transfers onto your skin. You know how the story goes by now: tie your hair back whenever you can, especially if it’s dirty [it also looks less oily tied back, fun fact] to keep it off your face and unable to transfer onto your gorgeous face.
  8. Watch what you eat. Yep, another super common tip, yet again, not without reason. If you suffer from zits/acne, then you need to acknowledge and understand exactly what acne is: whilst blackheads can be formed from dirt in the pores [and blackheads can turn into spots], acne is more commonly a symptom of something going wrong on the inside. If you’ve got zits that persist despite your routine wash, cleanse, tone, pillow-cleaning, earphone-talking habits, it’s likely that they are resulting from inside. Healing your gut with macronutrients, fresh fruit and vegetables and a range of vitamins every day literally feeds your body the nourishment it needs to heal itself.

Above all, remember that your skin is a [massive] organ, and thus, requires as much attention when it comes to proper health and functioning as any other part of your body. Don’t forget to love yourself as you are in order to fully appreciate your skin at its best, and don’t ever ever judge another person’s skin, either. What goes around comes around, so spread love and kindness and your life will be filled with plenty.




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