Friday, 20 January 2017

The Law of Attraction

Let me begin my acknowledging that the Law of Attraction is a huge concept - much larger than one article, or ten - it's the kind of thing people spend their entire lives studying, preaching, writing books about, experiencing... it's a whole way of life, really.

That said, it's important to understand two things going into this article:
1. I am new to the Law of Attraction, especially compared to a lot of people out there writing and researching the concept, and,
2. This is a fundamental understanding - this article is an introduction to the intricacies of the LoA, and a kickstart to encourage you all to look further into this concept on your own.

With that aside, let's jump straight in -

What is the Law of Attraction? Essentially, this is a universal/philosophical idea or way of thinking and living that is based off one simple concept: what you put into the world is what you attract, and that as a result, if you exude positivity into the universe, then you already have, are and live everything you desire.

Sound crazy? I thought so, too, but keep reading, open your mind, and let your preconceptions down - it all makes sense, if you let it.

The Law of Attraction centers around the notion that time is linear - that is, the past, present and future are all equal realities. In accepting the linear nature of time, you knock down any barriers that stand between you and your desires, such as the time it takes to attain them, the difficulty of the path towards them, and most importantly, your uncertainty about whether or not what you want will actually materialize around you.

For example, if you want a pizza in the present, you actually already have that pizza in the future - and because the future is simply an equal reality, you have the pizza.

"But I don't have a pizza!" - you're yelling this at me right about now, aren't you?

Let's phrase it this way: if you want the pizza in the present, and truly, wholeheartedly believe that you have that pizza already in your future reality, then you're going to take the necessary steps to attaining that pizza here, now, today, aren't you? If you believe you have the pizza, then you're going to go online, order a pizza, pay for the pizza (i hope?) and have your pizza.

I admit, pizza was a silly example, but necessary; now that i've laid out the steps in your mind about how, let's apply the same pathway to something bigger - something more long-term; something that (hopefully) means more to you than that pizza.

Let's say you really want to lose twenty pounds. That's your resolution, or your goal, or you've been trying and trying and trying for months to do so, without success. Now, if possible, believe within you that you already have lost the weight. Think hard, open your mind, imagine fiercely; you are twenty pounds lighter, you look like you did when you were five years younger, you have more energy than you ever thought possible, everyone is telling you how great you look.

There - you've lost twenty pounds.

Almost. Whilst believing that you already have or are the thing you most desire is the single, most important part of the Law of Attraction (and I mean really believe it, you can't fool your own mind), then you're naturally going to start taking the necessary steps to get yourself there.

If you believe you are twenty pounds lighter, that you live that fit-brunch-long-walk-kickboxing type of lifestyle you always wanted to embody - if you really believe that you already are that girl, looking that way, running that fast, then you will live like her, too. If the 'dream you' wakes up at 6am to go to yoga every morning, has green tea with her breakfast, and walks to work instead of driving, then the moment you believe that you are that girl, guess who's going to be doing all those things? You.

Soon enough, that twenty pounds will be history, you'll be running a half marathon, loving your oatmeal and green tea... it all comes down to now, and having unequivocal faith in yourself, that if you already have achieved your goals in the future, then there's nothing stopping you today.

I'm aware that for a lot of people, this can be a stretch (maybe a huge stretch) - but it's an important one. Once you realize that exuding negative vibes into the universe - stress, resentment, grudges, self-loathing, hatred, gossip - returns into your life only more negativity, your life begins to shift. You constantly exude more positivity - you spread love, starting only with yourself, and welcome love in abundance into your every day.

As I mentioned, the inner workings of this process are complicated (way complicated), so I'll break it up, and end this post here. I'll write a separate article on how to implement the Law of Attraction into your daily life, but for now, read and re-read this basic understanding, broadening your mind each time to accept the linearity of time, and the power of your future self that is actually within you, here, now, today.

Your goals are not in front of you, nor behind you: you goals are you.


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