Monday, 20 February 2017

Apps to Enhance Your Life

There are apps for everything – and I mean everything. You are addicted to puzzle games like I am, or scrolling through fashion apps like I also am, or perhaps simply ordering food to your door to save yourself venturing out into the ‘real world’ (like I also am), you can quite literally do just about everything from your smart phone.

In case you can’t tell, I love apps. I love my phone, I love being up to date with technology (for the most part) and I love the convenience of having everything in my hand – literally. For those of you who know me well or have been following Love, Annabel for a while now, you also know that I love and value and spend a lot of energy focusing upon self-love, confidence and trying to reach an internal state of authentic happiness and content within yourself.

And, guess what, there’s apps for that, too!

Strictly within the paradigm of self-improvement and self-love, below are a few of my tried and tested favorite apps, all of which I use almost daily in order to foster positivity and calmness within the stressful college buzz.
  1. Grid Diary: This is my absolute favorite – essentially grid diary is for those of you who wish you kept a journal, but don’t. (Or both? I do both, it’s not that nerdy…) Grid diary is a series of 9 simple questions that you answer at the end of each day in order to trigger some kind of self-reflection before you go to bed. Mine is set to alert me at 9pm every night to “write in your Grid Diary!”, wherein I answer questions such as What did I get done today? Did I care for my friends today? What can I do better tomorrow? (These questions are 100% customizable to what you think is most important and relevant to your daily life and habitual goals).
  2.  Simply Being: I use this app a little less than others – perhaps once every week or so – but when I do it really, really helps me. On a daily basis, I tend to find myself wound up in a hurricane of stress or deadlines or lack of sleep (all of the above), and I often forget to take a moment for myself, by myself. Simply Being is an app wherein you select an amount of time to meditate, choose a relaxing sound (yep, like waves crashing kind of sound) and close your eyes with your headphones in. It sounds crazy cheesy, but I promise it really pauses time for a moment, and if you struggle to fall asleep, it does a great job of actively slowing your breathing and clearing your mind.
  3. Simple Habit: Similar to Simply Being, this app offers meditations via headphones in order to destress you and get you in the habit of respecting and reflecting upon yourself. The major difference between the two apps is both the type of meditation offered, and the fact that Simple Habit also offers coaches and weekly podcasts on topics such as Anxiety, Mindfulness, Content vs. Complacent, etc.
  4. Asana Rebel: My major New Year’s resolution (although I’ve been pretty rubbish at sticking to it) was to stretch more. Of course, I downloaded an app to help me do this. Essentially, Asana Rebel offers guided stretching and yoga routines wherein you can create your own programs based off your goals, be it to lean out your muscle, increase your flexibility, or destress. From here, you receive guided workout (yoga) routines that help you to attain your specific goals!

So there you have it – I’ve tried a lot more apps than these, but in order to keep the list as succinct, honest and helpful as possible, I’ve limited myself to my top 4! Let me know if any of these help you, or if you have any other apps that you weave into your own life – I’d love to know!! Until next time, Stay golden!



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