Thursday, 16 March 2017

affordable fashion at your fingertips

image source: beginning boutique
With my 'spring break' temporarily overrun by the brief snow storm in New York (not so springy, right?), and a strong desire to avoid doing all the possible schoolwork I could or should have been doing, I decided to do the next best thing - shop.

Who doesn't love spending money they don't have and/or shouldn't spend? NOBODY!
(self-proclaimed online shop-a-holic... the amount of online 'wish lists' I have is a bit of a joke really..)

Naturally, I discovered and re-discovered a ton of on-trend websites for clothes (no, not ASOS) that fit both the college budget and style. Without further ado, here are your new bookmarked websites for in-lecture, at-home splurging!

1. Princess Polly
2. Mura Boutique
3. Beginning Boutique
4. Peppermayo
5. White Fox Boutique
6. Missguided
7. SaboSkirt
8. Esther Boutique
9. 2020 Ave
10. ShowPo

Happy Spending!


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