Monday, 19 June 2017

Small Ways to Save a Dollar

When you’re twenty-something, studying, maybe working (maybe not), and trying to live, money is something that is undoubtedly always on your mind. And whilst you no doubt know that prioritizing and budgeting will be, if they aren’t already, you’re new best friends, you may not have realized just how far saving a few dollars every here and there goes… Implementing these strategies (and some of your own) into your daily life can save you more money in the long run for those things are more .. important? .. to you (so basically, food).

  1. Make coffee at home, OR, drink your coffee black (cheaper and often better for you)
  2. Walk everywhere you possibly can (I’m talking anywhere within a 1 hour walk… no trains or buses or subways or metros)
  3. Bring food from home to work or campus between classes
  4. Don’t drink your meals — they probably won’t fill you up as much, and an $11 juice is not financially savvy when you’ll be buying a snack in a few hours
  5. Get onto Groupon and other discounted apps — they have everything 
  6. Ditch your gym membership and work outdoors
  7. Try to buy neutral clothes that won’t go out of fashion in two months, so you can have a solid wardrobe base all year round (and hopefully for more than one year)
  8. Wear less makeup = buy less makeup (and makeup is expensive)
  9. Carry cash per week, and make the rule that you cannot  spend any money other than the cash you have on you
  10. Remember chores? Offer to do housework, babysitting or any other job for friends, family and neighbors 

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